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February 25th – March 5th 2023 @ Freyaalt, Istanbul, Turkey

The exhibition UNEARTHING collectively investigates the contradicted “harmony” between construction – destruction – reinvention triangle with distorted realities, manipulated images and forms with various techniques. Fragments of existential dread embody with primitive forms spread in the space, giving rebirth to new ways of engagement with our roots. An artistic selection of sculpture, ceramic, painting, mixed media, and installation; facilitates a dialogue of the crystallization process of self, time, meaning, and body which shaped the past and the present, as a reminder for failing attempts and deformed approaches of humans along the way, in the search of the extract.

As a reunion of three local female artists: Hilal Can, Lal Pekin and Sinem Tekin gather on the occasion of Giyöm Maurice More’s (LPM) Istanbul visit from France; FREYAalt presents its 4th group exhibition that explores the individual perceptions of four artists gathered around a focus of the human relationship with the ground and our grounded selves, asking: Aren’t we nature itself?

UNEARTHING is a subjective discovery, an experimental space to unravel the hardship of facing the knots and dualities with our sense of now, in order to purge or to acknowledge. The name of the exhibition also embraces self-criticism with the duality in connotation and meaning of the word: “to un-earth” and the nature regurgitating.

During 25 & 26th of February, there will be a two-day open collage table for creating a collective artwork; which will be added to FREYAalt’s collection, then will be donated to an art related attempt in solidarity with the earthquakes. You are welcome to bring your own materials, any newspaper or magazine to participate in the collage.

Text by Ece Manav.
Visual by Cem Gülsüm and Nisan Yıldırım.
Photography by Cem Gülsüm and Hilal Can.