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… a one-man yet sprawling and polymorphic operation dedicated to graphic investigations and experimental music.

« Sometimes naive and clumsy, sometimes razor-sharp and meticulous, LPM’s productions unfailingly aim to reconnect the artist to his social surroundings while offering a modest contribution to the viewers’ and listeners’ mental landscapes. And thus, stimulate their ability to break the chains of an alienating and intrusive political conditioning. »

LPM’s activities may have been triggered by a more or less deep immersion into dazzling banality, off-the-wall humour, palpable absurdity and brutal death metal.

Relocated to France after a long and exciting period in Berlin.



Virginia Woolf

Ivan Illich

Didier Eribon

Naomi Klein

Pierre Bourdieu

Vandana Shiva

Michel Chion

Pierre Kropotkine

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Annie Ernaux

Estelle Zhong Mengual

René Guénon

François Bégaudeau

and many more…


Okkyung Lee

Dead Congregation

Iannis Xenakis

Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Laurie Spiegel

Cheikha Remitti





Rotten Sound

Pauline Oliveros

MC Mango

and many more…


Akira Kurosawa

Frederick Wiseman

Agnès Varda

Raymond Depardon

Federico Fellini

Tsui Hark


Andreï Tarkovski

Quentin Dupieux

Sam Peckinpah

Claire Denis

Hong Sang-soo

Catherine Breillat

and many more…

more art…


Vera Molnar

Niki de Saint Phalle

Otto Dix

Namio Harukawa

Berlinde De Bruyckere

Mariska de Groot

art brut


Valentina Vuksic

Paula Rego

Daphne Oram

Pierre Gordeef

and many more…



arts modestes






fooling around





death metal

and many more…


Once upon a time, in the early years of the mainstream internet, when we artists and creatives thought that the web would grant new means of spreading our thoughts and our works, of networking and reaching a new audience, it was common to add a « friends » page to our website as a sign of gratitude towards close collaborators and sources of inspiration. A sometimes long and messy list of hyperlinked names pointing to artist friends’ homepages, alternative music labels, art spaces, DIY publishing houses and so on… Unfortunately, the sharp claws of neoliberalism soon got into the collaborative willpower of these enthusiastic early net users: the awakening of competition and a craving for recognition quickly put an end to this practice…

LPM would like to put this tradition back on the table and warmly thank the following people for their support, their critics, their goodwill, their teachings, their humour and their creativity. A non-exhaustive list in alphabetic order…


artistic projects

concerts & DJ sets

since 2008

• 2019, Braille Festival, Lithuania.
• 2018, tour (7 concerts), Java island, Indonesia.
• 2018, at Peyote, Istanbul, Turkey.
• 2017, at Fuga, Bratislava, Slovakia.
• 2016, at Màgia Roja, Barcelona, Spain.
• 2016, at Abattoirs d’Anderlecht, Belgium.
• 2016, at Cinepalace, Courtrai, Belgium.
• 2016, at Cairo, Würzburg, Germany.
• 2015, at MS Stubnitz, Hamburg, Germany.
• 2014, at Hall Des Chars, Strasbourg, France.
• 2013, Crack Festival, Rome, Italy.
• 2013, at Ground Zero, Lyon, France.
• 2013, at L’Usine, Geneva, Switzerland.
• 2013, at Worm, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
• 2012, at Super Deluxe, Tokyo, Japan.


• 2023, Disparate, Bordeaux, France.
• 2023, TBC, Lyon, France.
• 2023, « Unearthing », at Freyaalt, Istanbul, Turkey.
• 2023, « Mess/Age », at Amp Cafe, Tokyo, Japan.
• 2022, « Mess/Age », at Hope, Sakata city, Yamagata prefecture, Japan.


• 2023, TBC, My Own Little Residency, Rompon, Ardèche, France.
• 2021, at Arquipelago, Ribeira Grande, Azores archipelago, Portugal.
• 2021, at Pico do Refúgio, Rabo de Peixe, Azores archipelago, Portugal.
• 2020, My Own Little Residency, Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar.
• 2019, My Own Little Residency, Saint-François, Guadeloupe archipelago, France.
• 2019, at galeria BRÜI, Ponta Delgada, Azores archipelago, Portugal.


• 2023, Compilation Tzii « De-Constructed » (music).
• 2021, Compilation « 20 Years Of Night On Earth: Your Egotrip’s Nightmare » (music).
• 2013, Claudio Rocchetti « The Fall Of Chrome » (artwork).

curatorial projects



« Angura – Experimental Music and Art from Japan » part 2: concert.

Featuring Venus In Virgo (Reiko A. + Sumihisa Arima), Government Alpha (Yasutoshi Yoshida), Sumihisa Arima and Alpha Ailuros (Yasutoshi Yoshida + Reiko A.), ausland, Berlin. Recognized by the Japanese embassy as part of the official program « 150 Jahre Freundschaft Deutschland- Japan » celebrating the 150th anniversary of German-Japanese diplomatic relations. Supported by the Cultural Office Pankow.


Regular concerts in Berlin featuring avant-garde, experimental and unconventional music. Featuring, to name just a few: Ben Owen, Madam P, Tom Greenwood, Usurper, Heatsick, Astro, Ignatz, Sudden Infant, Olivier Di Placido + Jassem Hindi, Arnaud Rivière, White Mice, Andrea Belfi, For Barry Ray, Jon Eriksen, Shawn Greenlee, Rinus Von Alebeek, ?Alos, Pato, Antoine Chessex, The Dreams, JD Zazie, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, One Man Nation, Will Gresson, Kate Donovan, Sten Ove Toft, Company Fuck, Claudio Rocchetti, Dj Scotch Egg, Staplerfahrer, Bex, Vinyl-Terror & -Horror, Cheapmachines, Government Alpha, Mat Pogo, Francesco Cavaliere, Olaf Hochherz, Richard Francis, David Opp, [-Hyph-], Seiji Morimoto, Ottaven, Kakawaka, Utarm, Jeff Gburek, Evil Moisture, Matteo Uggeri, Gli Storp, Suboko, Mattia Coletti, Kamil Korolczuk, …



Traveling group exhibitions (selection):
• 2019, at galeria BRÜI, Ponta Delgada, Portugal.
• 2019, at Kaštieľ, Moravany nad Váhom, Slovakia.
• 2017, at DobraVaga Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
• 2015, at V9 gallery, Warsaw, Poland.
• 2015, at Kino Šiška, Ljubljana Slovenia.
• 2014, at Sonic Protest, La Parole Errante, Paris, France.
• 2014, at Recyclart, Brussels, Belgium.
• 2014, at Anagra, Tokyo, Japan.
• 2014, at Momurag, Kyoto, Japan.
• 2013, at Tapis Vert, Marseille, France.
• 2013, at Worm, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
• 2013, at Espace Labo, Geneva, Switzerland.
• 2013, at MKII, London, UK.
• 2012, at Mograg Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
• 2012, at Galaxy Gallery, Osaka, Japan.


« Angura – Experimental Music and Art from Japan » part 1: exhibition.

Featuring Daisuke Ichiba and Yasutoshi Yoshida, Staalplaat store, Berlin. Recognized by the Japanese embassy as part of the official program « 150 Jahre Freundschaft Deutschland-Japan ». Supported by the JaDe foundation.


Regular exhibitions at Staalplaat store, Berlin. Featuring original drawings, wall paintings, art books and prints designed by emerging international artists. Featuring, once again just to name a few: Atelier McClane, Marc Van Elburg + Zeke Clough + Crippa Almquist, Elzo, Arrache-Toi Un Oeil!, Cécile Alvarez + Pauline Raguin, Zven Balslev, Jeong Hwa Min, Josephin Ritschel, Hanna Andersson + Joakim Ojanen, Kuti Kuti, Pole Ka, Doublebob, Bad Buzz, Stefan Brandstifter, Peter Larsson + Lars Nilsson, Gosia Bartosik, James Unsworth, Stefania Pedretti, Grégory Lelay, Arnau Sala + Manuel Donada, Alex Jahn, Elshopo, …


Since 2009

Wide range of art objects and collaborative works combining unconventional music and hand-printed illustrations in very limited hand-assembled editions. To date: 15 editions in all and 2 artist t-shirts.

Award: LPM01 Mounir Jatoum, Antoine Chessex, Arnaud Rivière « Split » 7”+Artprint: Qwartz Artwork/Packaging at Qwartz Electronic Music Awards, Paris (France), 2011.

• 2019, LPM19: Ralf Wehowsky and Anla Courtis (music), Rafaël Houée (artwork) – « l Mewt uL​-​Xebba »
• 2018, LPM15: Spettro Family, Klaus Legal (music), Gosia Bartosik (artwork) – « Split »
• 2016, LPM18: Monno (music), Ben Sanair (artwork) – « Cheval Ouvert »
• 2016, LPM17: Debmaster, Dj Die Soon (music), oki-chu (artwork) – « Sammo Hung Quest II: Cursed Demons Season »
• 2014, LPM16: Vinyl-Terror & -Horror, Toys’R’Noise (music), 24 different artists (artwork) – « Le Petit Mignon Vs Le Cagibi »
• 2014, LPM14: Hedoromeruhen, H. (music), Alkbazz (artwork) – « Split »
• 2014, LPM13: Staer, Horacio Pollard (music), Dave 2000 (artwork) – « Split »
• 2014, LPM12: Helaas (music), Insultor (artwork) – « The Second To Last Plague »
• 2014, LPM11: Fully Blown Dental Reform (music), Insultor (artwork) – « FBDR »
• 2012, LPM10: Various Artists (music), ReSurgo! (artwork) – « Hans Trapp »
• 2012, LPM08: Benedikt Rugar (artwork) – « Duff »
• 2012, LPM07: Mark Clifton (artwork) – « The Psychodelikcocks »
• 2012, LPM06: Tree People, Pokemachine (music), Fredox (artwork) – « Split »
• 2010, LPM05: Moha! (music), Bongoût (artwork) – « Kriiskav Valgus »
• 2010, LPM03: Guilty C., Pato (music), Zeke Clough (artwork) – « Split »
• 2010, LPM02: Government Alpha, Evil Moisture (music), CrippaXXXalmqvist and Anna Konishchev (artwork) – « Split »
• 2009, LPM01: Antoine Chessex, Arnaud Rivière (music), Mounir Jatoum (artwork) – « Split »

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